How to exchange old pounds?
If you have old pounds in your wallet that have been withdrawn from circulation with BOE’s
decision, we have a solution for you (conact us +48 22 118 39 60).

Do you have a habit of keeping foreign banknotes waiting for a better rate? Or maybe you
leave them for a rainy day? This is not a bad solution, but it’s good to know that banknotes
are regularly exchanged by banks for newer versions.

A good example is the British pound, as many of our compatriots go to United Kingdom and
keep savings in this suitcase. Pounds issued by the Bank of England can be used in:
England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. If we have savings, it’s a good idea to check
if one of the banknotes falls out of circulation. For example, in the autumn of 2017, 10-pound
note was withdrawn from the paper version to the polymer. And in 2020, exchange of a 20-
pound note will begin. At present, there is no information yet about whether or not the 50-
pound denomination is covered by similar activities. Have the old pounds lost value? The
good news is that we can withdraw pounds, so they are not worthless money yet. Where to
exchange old pounds? Pounds withdrawn from circulation can be exchanged at the English
central bank. However, not everyone is lucky enough to be able to go to the UK, just to
exchange money or have someone trusted there who can do it. Polish banks, in turn, do not
buy withdrawn pounds. You can exchange this currency at our point in Warsaw. Contact us
tel (22) 118 39 60. If you have old pounds – do not wait with replacement. Although there is
still a lot of time, it’s better to replace out-of-date money right away, than after years of
recalling the money, which once had great value, and now only interest collectors.